Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring – Self-Monitoring by the Patient

Patient self-monitoring allows long-term and reliable monitoring of disease progression by the actual patient without a consultation with the patient being necessary. Dr. Oestreich Partner GmbH bundles the required services for patient self-monitoring to a complete package of services sourced from one supplier. This includes technical equipment (Telemedical Devices) with easy-to-use devices and wireless transmission technology in addition to the collection and processing of the resulting information on powerful computer networks.

Patient Monitoring - the Physiological Parameters

Through patient monitoring various physiological parameters can be monitored. These include cardiac (ECG), blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels, lung function (spirometry), body temperature, oxygen saturation of blood, body weight and subjective impairment (visual analogue scales), in addition to many other parameters.

All test results are transmitted wirelessly from the measurement device directly to a server, which automatically codes the data and flags any outliers. Experienced staff is notified and checks the data. If necessary, an alert message is sent out for the physician to contact the patient. The patient self-monitoring system permits the monitoring of patients that require continual or intermittent monitoring in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

For the patient monitoring of the future, developments are currently taking place in the area of micro-technology and electronic research on intelligent systems, which will provide for even greater efficiency in data transmission, longer battery lives and greater availability of all of the required equipment.

For the management of all of the activities required for the self-monitoring of patients, Dr. Oestreich + Partner GmbH provides you with an experienced team of multi-disciplinary specialists. On an as needed basis, we additionally access a large local network of support, thus ensuring the cost-effective and flexible realisation of your projects.

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