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A variety of patient recruitment measures are required depending on the phase of a clinical study. The success and the efficiency of clinical development therefore also depends on reliable and expert patient recruitment. At Dr. Oestreich + Partner GmbH, experienced specialists in a variety of medical fields are available to assist you in all aspects of patient recruitment. With more than 20 years of experience as a full-service contract research organization (CRO), we have a large network of investigator sites that provide cost-effective and flexible implementation of clinical studies with timely patient recruitment. Our staff members also provide competent advisory services for patient recruitment for national as well as international studies.

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Patient recruitment

Structured selection process for patient recruitment

As with all projects we carry out on behalf of companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, medical technology, cosmetics and nutrition sectors, we focus on customer orientation and rigorous compliance with the highest international standards in patient recruitment. Our services include the drafting and preparation of all required texts, from the documentation for competent authorities and ethics committees to study protocols in accordance with GCP guidelines and templates for investigator contracts as well as statistical analyses and publications. Our customer-oriented service facilitates structured selection processes in accordance with randomization for patient recruitment. Based on various editing systems, suitable patients can be included in order to optimize fast and effective study implementation. The time- and target-sensitive recruitment and monitoring systems play a major role in supporting the investigators and for the steering of the project. Before the start of a study, we provide all staff involved in the investigational site with a detailed, task-based training and qualification to create the prerequisites for a successful project completion.

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Patient recruitment

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